Friendly blackpool sell n buy site !


we are the "friendly BLACKPOOL buy n sell site"

everyone welcome but please follow the rules

arguments/threats/foul language will not be tolerated !!


the person who comments first to buy an item has first dibs on that item - not just a comment saying "I like that" but actually saying "I am interested....." - sellers and buyers please respect this and do not undercut each other

if we get 3 complaints about you your gone simples !! x

NOTHING illegal

upto 4 individual posts, and these MUST be BUMPED and NOT reposted !

if you have 5 or more items they MUST be put into an album !

NO more than 5 albums !

also, ONLY bump your album(s), NOT each individual item !

please DO NOT repost !

we DO NOT allow the posting of other groups in our group as we don't post in any other groups :-)

lastly do not buy something to sell it on for more!

this helps keep it fair for everyone :-D

thank you :-D

Donna , Keith, Chantelle, Lorna and Barry xx