Ghana Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists

Dear members,

The Editorial and Publicity Committee is in the process of restructuring the facebook accounts of GABMLS. The current platform will be used for educating and updating members on the current trends in medical laboratory practice.

Only educative topics should be posted on this platform. Issues related to GABMLS should be posted on the business platform.

We wish to encourage all members and students on this platform to use their real names and not nick names. This will allow for routine verification of membership status and report feedback on comments.

Please take note of the following before you post any comment:

1. No provocative language: Members should mind their language and avoid the use of abusive or controversial views.

2. No vested interest postings: Any promotion of commercial products will not be allowed except when the advert has gone through the due process (contact

3. Keep to the subject, and post in the right section: All post on this platform must be specific. Issues must relate to the interest of medical laboratory practice. Comments on national politics, religious faiths and ethnic divisions will not be tolerated.

The committee will soon be removing the names of all individuals on this platform who are not members or students of the medical laboratory profession. We therefore wish to further encourage members to use their real names and if possible their place of work or educational institution so we can verify their status.

Members must note that the editorial and publicity committee reserves the right to remove any comment that will be deemed offensive and abusive. For minor instances we may give a friendly warning, but for serious or repeat offences we may delete your membership on this platform, and further refer you to the disciplinary committee of GABMLS.

Editorial and Publicity Committee