Fight-Against-Depression (F-A-D)

Dear friends!

Deep within us, we all fight battles that define and sometimes even change our lives. While many of these battles make us better than what we were yesterday, some of these leave us broken, hurt and lost.

This group (Fight-Against-Depression or F-A-D) has been created with an intent to support people who have faced or fought depression in their lives at some point in time. I believe each one of us has come in this world for a reason, and if through any medium, we can lend a helping hand or a shoulder to anyone in need, our purpose in life will be met.

I invite you all to post as much as you like on this forum; tips, links, videos, stories, images, websites or any anything else that you think can help the group meet its objective. In case you wish to share your own experience, you can do so with anonymity.

Please use hashtag while posting, for eg. if you're posting a video, please begin your post with #video. And so on...

Should you have a query or an idea that can be of help to this group, please feel free to leave a message.

Team F-A-D