Grenada Cruisers

Note: Advertising is limited on this page to links and text, and pics so small we do not notice them. That said, the Grenada Facebook page is for anyone interested in boating in Grenada, Carriacou and PM and surrounding islands. We welcome news of upcoming events (but please keep advertising to a minimum, preferably a text post with a link to your own FB page or business website), personal experiences, including those in other destinations and discussions of things nautical and local. If you have questions, with luck you may get an answer. Supportive style and humor are appreciated.

If you cannot keep conversations and disagreements kind, constructive and respectful, please go to PM (private message) OR please choose to leave the group. If your comments are seen as offensive, bullying or otherwise inappropriate to other members or admin members, they may be deleted (with explanation). Members will receive 3 warnings before being removed from the group. There are PLENTY of places on the internet already available to yell at someone online. Let's not make this a place to be one of them. (Boats with multiple Facebook pages that, in the eyes of the admins, are working together will be considered one.)