Tippecanoe County Indiana Kids Zone

You can sell & buy anything on here that is on the lines of kids
If you don't come to Tippecanoe county or you aren't willing to meet people in these places please don't ask to join.
There will be no rudeness after your 2nd time to be rude we'll ban you. We are all adults here.
. Yes we are the admins but we aren't responsible for any transactions but our own
Please make album for your pictures with your name and location Please state the description what it is, if it has stains or rips and price.
Please delete sold items within a day of picked up or tag me tell me to delete it
On this groups please let the person that is ISO have 1st dibs or 1st person that put "want, me, or interested". You have 24 hours from tag of your name to claim what you would like or it may go to the next person.
If you are selling, you MUST respond within 48 hours of someone wanting to purchase from you. If you are going out of town, have a family emergency, etc., please either update your post or send a message to one of us admins.