Jennilea Chase - AFLAC

Changing the way people think about insurance & insurance agents ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Thank you for visiting my group. I am a local independent Aflac representative in the Southeast Texas area, who is very excited to service business and individual insurance needs. Aflac is second to none and is a Fortune 200 Company. We are #1 in what we do and Aflac is admired as the most ethical insurance company in America. It is my job to show you why.

Life, Disability, Dental, Cancer, Critical Care, Accident, Hospitalization, etc.

~AFLAC policies are designed to pay cash directly to you!
~Policies are portable and guaranteed renewable.
~For individuals or businesses.

Benefits to your company:
(1) Reduce administrative involvement & paperwork.
(2) NO COST to your company.
(3) Help improve employee moral and retention.
(4) Help protect your employee's income in their time of need.

Call, text or message me and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding Aflac. My personal cell phone number is (936) 334-2970 and my work email is