Friends of Barack Obama

The inspiration for the creation of this group is the unwavering,unyeilding support for the President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama.This group welcomes all people of all backrounds be it in wealth or poverty,be ye black or white or hispanic or asian or native american,be ye religious or not.This group should not tolerate attacks of members of this group by members of this group.All have the right to express their opinion on matters concerning the politics of the day however one fact remains that this group is dedicated to the purpose of supporting the nation's first african-american president and his legilative agenda.

We must not make enemies of ourselves for our true enemies are those of the right-wing of this nation who are against this president and his very presence as cheif executive,commander in chief of the United States armed forces and leader of the free world.We the friends of Barack Obama must use our collective individual strength to gain the support of voters of every single backround that is neccesary for the 2012 presidential elections and ensure the defeat of the right-wing and it's evil fear-mogering and hate merchant machine once and for all.