Capgemini - 2011 Freshers

As long as thr hav been ppl, thr hav been stories. Ppl hav alwayz wanted 2 pass on their memories n share their xperiences wit thos around them.. The evolution of digital cameras has made it easier than evr b4 4 ppl across the wrld 2 capture n share their memories in fun n creative new way...

Tat’s whr Capgemini - June 2011 Freshers grp comes in.. leveraging our innovative platform n manufacturing process 2 enable ppl 2 easily express themselves in xtraordinary ways by turnin their evryday pics into innovative n stylish keepsakes..

Our Capgemini - June 2011 Freshers grp connects us by sharing photos and videos.. v mak it simple n fun 2 be creative with photos thro our FB.. Capgemini - June 2011 Freshers helps us 2 share life’s joy by providing tools that make it easy to upload, edit, enhance, organize, create, print, preserve and share digital photos, creatively and thoughtfully..!!