Fulham FC is a football team which consist of 25 players of age between 15 to 20 years old.
The club was formed in Nov 2009 as Fulham Fc Club. Fulham were founded by worshippers of “wana”, “mun” and “arab” in leneV Street Road Port-Louis. The club’s name was shortened to its present form in 2009. Fulham started playing at Elahee Stadium in 2009 and gained professional status on 2009. The club’s first recorded all black kit was worn in 2009 and since they have played in a black shirt with black shorts.
Later on, Fulham Fc Club has got a new name, "THE WARROIRS". Our coach Mr Reshad Golfee, who is a wonderful person has supported us a lots, even in difficult moments. Our sincere thankful to him. Fulham Fc is the best and will remain the best ever teams in mauritius. May God Bless Us And Show Us The Lights. Rock Fulham Fc Club