Zimbabweans in Cape Town

We are a collective of Zimbabweans currently residing in Cape Town. Our aim is to help and support each other through sharing valuable information on the page. While we are all Zimbabweans, we still are a diverse group as we are & we do not under any circumstances tolerate the abuse of any of our members, be it because of different political views, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, background or lifestyle. We are here to help each other, connect and make friends.
Please refrain from posting futile posts as admin will be obliged to remove these without prior notification. Let’s all commit to getting Zimbabweans in CPT informed, employed & connected. You may send a message to an admin of your choice with any posts that you want them to post on your behalf should you wish to not unveil your identity. Admin will still validate the relevance of the post before posting on your behalf and will inform you accordingly.
Where a group of people meet, issues may arise and the Admin team will happily look into any issues which arise from the group and we will do our best to resolve those that we can as & when they arise.

Remember- If You Think You Can...You Are Right!! :) :)