NEED Bhutan - Network for Early Education & Development in Bhutan

The Early Years are the most important years in the life span of an individual, as growth and development during this period lays the foundation for life and school success. Growth during this period of life is very rapid and it is also the period of greatest sensitivity to environmental influences. During this period, brain development is most rapid and susceptible to both positive and negative influences. The care and positive stimulation children receive in this critical period of life – or the absence of it - influences life long well being, learning and development.

Thus, it is critical that all parents, families, communities and governments pay attention to this age group (0-8),to prepare healthy, happy and productive children rather than repenting and repairing later, which is much more expensive without much effect. .As Frederick Douglass has rightly put it, 'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men', and the choice clearly is in our hands.

So, our hope is that we will join hands in building strong foundations for our children for happiness and success in life.