Holding Down The Rock - The Best of 1963-1976 in rock music (AM 1590)

Holding Down The Rock, airs every Thursday from 4-5. You can stream it live by clicking on this link -


My main motivation to get a radio show came after releasing my debut album, Turn Back The Years. Due to being alienated by most of the music that charted in 2010 (way too much pop, not enough rock), I decided to keep looking backwards for musical inspiration, to the years when I consider rock music to be the best, that being 1963-1976. I already know this period of music well, so I wanted to hear the bands that I heard about, but never got into before.

I spent a year collecting various compilation albums from bands that existed in the 1960s - mid 1970's (and in some cases, the garage rock scene of the 80's), building up my vinyl collection to great amounts, and discovering hundreds of bands that deserve to be heard. After getting to know the history of these bands, I wanted others to hear these great bands and musicians that time forgot, or in some cases, can't be heard enough because they're so good!

The genres I'll be covering are very extensive. From the classics, to garage rock, to psychedelic, to progressive rock, to early punk, to the British invasion, and even Motown, early R & B and blues from that period. I want to share with everyone some of the greatest music of all time, and music that has always helped me get through a hard day, and hopefully, will help get you through your days too!

Here's a small sample of what will be heard this semester (I know I'm leaving out tons, but that means this list would go on forever!) -

- Well known bands - (The Who, Beatles, Yardbirds, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Airplane, CSN, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors...)

- Bands that are known but have great songs that aren't as well known today, or deserve more recognition - (The Beach Boys, Spencer Davis Group, Tommy James, The Kinks, Moby Grape, The Pretty things, Captain Beefheart...)

- Bands that you probably never heard of but are excellent - (The 13th floor elevators, The Easybeats, The Move, The Seeds, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Remains, The Charlatans, The Sonics...)

- One hit wonders and/or bands that existed for a very short time, and yet, still amaze me - (Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Kingsmen, The Dovers, Question Mark and the Mysterians...)

So that's a lot of names, (and definitely ones you have never heard of in your life). So that's the reason I can't wait to go on air. These are great songs, by great bands and they deserve to be heard!

Tune in every Thursday from 4-5. If you aren't in the New Haven area, again, you can stream the radio show live right here -


(and be sure to check out the many other great radio shows on WSIN that go on this semester!)

So tune in, and I hope you enjoy, both the well known bands you know and love and the best bands you've never heard in your life! - Dr. Rock