Occupy FOX News

If you haven't seen it yet, "Outfoxed" is linked on the wall of this group - it's worth watching, so you get an idea of exactly what we're dealing with here. For one thing, every morning, "Roody" (Rupert?) used to send a note (still does?) to the Fox News staff with some line they're supposed to push that day, some phrase, some "talking point", some "de-emphasis", some information manipulation the staff is supposed to push that day. Also note Fox's overuse of "some say" or "it is said" as their way of getting away with saying whatever they want to without any responsibility whatsoever. Many of us have friends and relatives who watch Fox News - though few of us can stomach more than a few minutes of it. Let us use this group to stay on top of their talking points, to know what tactic they are using, in order to help those poor lost ones who still think that Fox News is a viable source of *information*.