Niue Youth Council

The Niue Youth Council (NYC) is a non government organization that deals with youth development issues on the island. Established in 1982 it became an incorporated society in 1983 to unify the various youth groups on the island.


•Youth Participation – Engaging young people in planning, implementation and monitoring of community and national programs.

•Youth Voice – Recognition and act on youth views and concerns in decision-making processes
•Nurture and foster a spirit of partnership between young people and youth stakeholders to build youth confidence
•Leadership – Motivate and encourage youth to take leadership roles and responsibilities
•Respect and acceptance of individual cultures, religious faiths in agreement with human rights and the rule of law
•Equality – Each young person has equal opportunity to access services and other opportunities despite their, sex, creed, ethnicity and ability

Youth development is on top of NYC’s agenda in the 8 policy objectives outlined in the National Youth Policy.