$15 for hair makeup and nails done

Due to too many people complaining about the group name & so on i can't changed the name of the group due to facebook restrictions once this group hit 250 members the name stays permanently hence this page was made two years ago. So I was thinking of deleting a whole lot of members off this group just to change the name, unfortunately there is almost 10,000 members on this group and i don't have the time to delete members.

** Group Info **
This group contains HAIR, MAKE-UP & NAILS home based businesses professionals and non professional, promotions & sell/buy/trade.

Prices vary but affordable, If you go cheap than expect cheap or do your re-search on who ever your'll dealing with. There is legit work out there.

**Beware Of Scammers**
SCAMMERS will be removed and blocked from this page & outside of new zealand promoters.

There will be no name & shame on this page if you have a problem then sort it out privately. This creates negative discussion which lead to put downs on others this is not what the group is for. Your'll be given a warning if not deleted and blocked off this page.

Fatima afoa
Rita s lefau lopamaua.
Tina Hutton