Aberdeen University Philosophy Society

The Facebook home for members of Aberdeen University Philosophy Society.

We are a group of people, mainly undergraduates and postgraduates, at the University of Aberdeen, dedicated to discussing various philosophical issues, hosting talks and other running social events for people of all persuasions.

The society has no viewpoint or agenda to push, save for intellectual rigour and the value of enthusiastic discussion.

See our upcoming events for more about what we get up to.

Many of our members are not necessarily students of Philosophy - our society welcomes students from all walks of life and disciplines. We have several members who study the Sciences, Politics, and the Arts, and who enjoy discussing a wide range of issues from morality to ontological concerns - perhaps demonstrating how relevant and universal philosophical inquiry is.

Find us on Twitter @AUPhilsoc, or check out our website at http://auphilsoc.webs.com/ for more information. To sign up as a member go here http://www.ausa.org.uk/socs/6029/ or go to Butchart reception