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THE PURPOSE OF AN ENTREPRENEUR- Senior Business Intelligence Consultant,Life Enrichment Specialist and Business Futurist Kesego Ryan Kwati explains more- All entrepreneurs are supposed to be change agents, but many people going about with the title of an 'entrepreneur' these days are not really in it to create change,they are in it to make a living (survival). And when survival is the focus, then mediocrity becomes the outcome. Making a living is not the goal of entrepreneurship but rather making a change.You would be doing yourself a disservice if you became an entrepreneur simply to make ends meet. When one goes into business, it should be about offering a product or service that will ease the lives of the target market. Ofcourse, we all want money ..everybody wants money, but earning money to an entrepreneur should be a reward for hard work and change that has been implemented. Batho bame, the problem with making money the focus of our endeavours is that if we don't see much of it at the beginning, we become easily demoralized and discouraged from business. The true purpose of an entrepreneur, is to serve the people. WE OFFER SERVICES THAT INCLUDE FREE BUSINESS ADVICE,BUSINESS RESEARCH,ALL PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PLAN PREPARATIONS (STRATEGIC,CONTINGENCY,MARKETING & EXIT STRATEGY PLANS),BUSINESS PROPOSALS,IDEA EXPANSION,BUSINESS/COMPANY PROFILING,CRISIS MANAGEMENT,TURN-AROUND CONSULTANCY & LOTS LOTS MORE.CONTACT US ON ANY OF THE FOLLOWING- Please like our FB page & send us a private message : make sure to visit our website : for more details- follow us on twitter @FRConsultancy and we'll follow back- contact Snr Consultant Kesego Ryan Kwati @ +267 74888 396 or email him at : LinkedIn ID : Kesego Ryan Kwati