John O'shea's 18pint birthday

sound benders, as we all know now im finally a man in a few weeks and of course the only way to celebrate this is to go and get absolutely fucked with those nearest and dearest to me. id be honoured if youd all accompany me on this occasion as i plan on having a pint for every year of my life. This may well be the last year of my life if i succeed in doing it but not to worry im sure itll be worth it.
Anyway, the plan is to start in Earlsdon at witherspoons at middayish and to then progress down craven st throughout the afternoon. i hear theres a 6th form party on that night to so we could pop in their for a bit before finally going to town. i hope you can all come and wont give me shit excuses, ive been there for your 18th and bought you a drink (apart from molloy, but youd had enough anyway), so you can all fucking well buy me one ;).

P.S, anyone who comes out dressed as a pirate or any other shitty fancy dress is a cunt and is going home as i dont wish to be seen with you.

P.P.S daniel i dont really like you and secretly hope you dont come,

take care, see you on the 22 feb