Hello Ladies and Gents!!! With technology today we are able to reach new and more people that collect sports cards. This is a great and wonderful thing. We don't have to rely on driving to shows or only dealing with others in our area. So with this a new part of the hobby has come forth , "The Mail Day." Mail days are great, the joy and excitement you feel when you look into the mailbox and find your package that finalizes the deal that you have been working on. Well here is a place to show off what you got!! So that we don't bog down the many wonderful trade and raffle pages with our show and tell you can post them here. Just take a few pics and post them up for everyone to enjoy. This is NOT a buy/sell/trade/raffle page so please don't conduct any of that on the page. However if there is something that you see that you like then feel free to contact each other to work something out. Just know that this page and the admins to this page will not be involved in finalizing or help finalize a deal that you reach with each other. You will be on your own for that. So go make those trades, win those raffles and buy those cards. Then post them on here for everyone to see and most importantly enjoy MAIL DAY MADNESS!!!!!!