Central African Republic AGS 2014

Hey guys! So next Sat will be my good friend,Lisa Yan's 21st!! She is not only celebrating her birthday on that day but she's also celebrating the lives of many many children in Starship Hospital by donating money to them!! So please please please come along and support this event! It is extremely meaningful and kind for her to do something like this on her 21st! (P.S Or you can just come along and see MY PRETTY FACE.)
'Turning 21 is a mammoth of a moment in anyone's life. It's an occasion where we can reflect on for how far we've come + a time to dream of successes that lie ahead of us. I'm forever grateful for the awesome life I have been given, so to celebrate it, I want to give back. This is a fundraiser ice-skating party for Starship Foundation. They are an organisation that raises funds for our national children's hospital Starship. With them, many Kiwi kids (including myself) have been able to recieve the best care possible. With your help, I want to raise a minimum of $2,000 for this amazing organisation.'- Lisa Yan!