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Great News for Indians:
MOM (Mangalyan) has successfully entered into the Mars orbit and ISRO in its First attempt has cracked the jackpot. The complete simulation video is as follows:
http://www.isro.org/mars/moi-video.aspx For getting the actual information of the satellites behaviour , the wait time is around 23 minutes.i.e the response for a particular task reaches earth after 23 minutes. After entering into the Mars influence the MOM had to back fire to reduce the speed (think about the landing gear concept used in the movie GRAVITY) and that time if everything was fine the Mangalyan would have been a satellite of MARS. The prediction was correct and everything went fine. The backfire happened when the Mangalyan was behind the MARS (Out of vision fro Earth, so we were actually blind what was going to happen and more importantly the satellite's behaviour was solely on itself). Thus here we are....MOM is the success and has brought Pride for our country. The first attempt and we are successful ......