3148 - Jordy, Chaddy, Holmesglen, Ashwood

A group for ANYONE who grew up in the 3148 postcode. Or S.E.10 if you prefer! We love you to share your memories, photos and in particular, invite your old friends from our neighbourhood.
This page is set up and operated by Sue Heynders and Penny Guy-Watt former residents of the 3148 area, and we have Leon Heynders, Brad Langham and Lesley Brown assisting as administrators of the page.
The page is here for all of us to share our experiences of living and growing up in the 3148 area and its surrounds. We have a variety of age groups from children to people in their 80’s who are interested in our heritage.
Some posts are removed by Facebook as being offensive and we have no control over that happening. As a group, we would ask that you keep your comments and posts at a level that will NOT jeopardise us being suspended or closed by Facebook.
We do not wish to make rules for our group but in light of recent posts removed by Facebook and complaints, we are now compelled to do so. If you disagree so be it. We act only in the interests of keeping the page accessible to ALL members. What some of us find amusing others find distasteful. We expect that you keep these posts to your own page.
In future we will have no alternative but to delete any item of a political nature, offensive or personal comments that are unpleasant. This page is about respect for ALL of our members and if we upset you by removing your post we apologise but in the interest of ALL users, we have no choice.
Thank you for your co-operation
Sue, Penny, Leon, Brad and Lesley.