Queen's University Belfast Aerospace Engineering Society

Welcome to QUB Aerospace Engineering.

The aim of the society is to allow young engineers studying at Queen's to start create personal networks with their degree that will last long into their future, a chance to see and experience industry through trips to different Northern Irish companies and to give students practical hands on experience through the building of a remote control plane for a UK competition.

SUAVE (our model building cohort) meets on a weekly basis to design and build a model aircraft to compete in the BMFA Electric lift Challenge (Quantity) (details of the competition are available on the BMFA website at http://www.bmfa.org/ContestsEvents/BMFAEvents/BMFAUniversitySchoolsChallenge2015/tabid/1438/Default.aspx ). Activites involve using engineering techniques to design the aircraft followed by sourcing and acquiring materials before using workshop facilities to build the aircraft. Once the aircraft has been built, the society will choose a team from its members to represent the society at the completion.

Aerospace Engineers are at the cutting edge of technology, applying scientific principles to the design, development and service of some of the most technologically advanced engineering products in the world.

They are responsible for the development of commercial aeroplanes and helicopters, and also spacecraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

We work in multidisciplinary environments, designing and supporting vehicles which operate in extreme settings.

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Contact us via email at: aerospace.eng@qub.ac.uk