This group has been created for Sai Kung and nearby residents in... Hong Kong to provide a place to for sellers who wish to trade in their personal possessions.

Expectations of members are simple - we ask that you conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Be respectful towards one another. Goods sold whether new or second hand must be accurately described with defects and condition clearly stated. No fakes unless clearly stated up front.

Entrepreneurs are allowed to advertise on MONDAYS ONLY. If a potential client responds to an ad on any other day of the week, you are welcome to reply.

Spam postings will be deleted by the admins without warning and the member banned from future posting. If any member receives three or more complaints against them, the admins will get involved and their decision will be final.

We hope this group grows and proves useful to it's members. We will do our best to provide value and support to our members.