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Welcome to the Holiday Village – Sarigerme, Turkey FAN PAGE!

This is a fun little page for lovers of the Holiday Village and area of Sarigerme.
I started this group back in 2009. I wanted to create a group where fans of the HV could come and post their comments - on why they loved the place and also to chat to others who have the same interest.
Over the last few years this group has not only attracted fans of the place but also many excited future holiday makers who are planning on going here. It has proven to be a very positive and popular group and has definitely become a very active group.

Over the last few years I have added to my Admin team as the group has expanded. Please respect all of my Admin as they are going out of their way to provide you with information about the Hotel and the area of Sarigerme.

We are here to offer any useful tips and information on the Holiday Village and would like to emphasise that we are neither working for First Choice, nor any of the local businesses and tour companies. Any complaints about your holiday or suggestions for improvement should be directed towards the Hotel, First Choice or the relevant organisation who will be better able to deal with them.

Please feel free to add any photos and share your happy holiday memories - we love to see and hear about the wonderful holidays you have had at the Holiday Village.

In accordance with Facebook terms and conditions, we will not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. Any comments that could be considered abusive, libellous or deliberately misleading will be deleted and, if deemed necessary, reported, which may result in members being removed from the group and, in the most serious cases, user accounts being suspended by Facebook. In addition, any users who post advertisements for products and services not directly related to the Holiday Village or local village will be removed.

Have a happy and safe holiday and enjoy the group!

Fiona x

Here is a list of the Admin team if you have any issues you would like to discuss about this group.

Fiona Moses
Damion Brookes
Nina Harvey Stiffel
Louise Humphries
Laura Wise
Jon Wilde-Smith
Angharrad Sliczny (wedding expert)