Come-Unity was Conceived in San Francisco in February 1991 by Malachy O' Brien, Simon Pearson, Jason Walker and Mo Kapur. It was later Run by Mal and Simon with Jason organizing the Chill Out Room. It had its original home at 1015 Folsom.The flyer and essence of the party was created to symbolize what house meant to us and the message we had to share. A vehicle to promote peace, house and experimental music with San Francisco's night life encompassing the consciousness expanding new dance culture that was being discovered in the Acid House scene in the UK, Japan, Europe, India, Thailand and pretty much wherever you could set up turntables at the time. It was primarily a place we could hear our favorite DJ'S, dance and feel the vibe!And spread It! There was a strong feeling to share this positive energy with our City. The combination of underground house DJ's and the production of small hand-outs promoting peace, eco-consciousness, and a desire to Unify, mirroring what was happening in the youth culture explosion in other parts of the globe was a creative outlet for its contributors and participants alike.
The resident DJ's who faithfully provided the groove every week and later monthly for ten plus years were: Jeno, Garth, Ernie and Simon on the main floor. Guests were very rare.
The club was transformed from its regular dynamic by installing the DJ booth directly on the dance floor on the same level as the dancers. This was a technique adopted from the Tonka HIFI from London who championed this open, free form tactic at their party's that made everything connect just that little bit better. It provided a welcome change from the regular Club set up and offered a truly unique and shared experience for party goers and the DJ's alike, promoting the feeling that every man and woman is a star. A feeling in tune with the new dance energy. The club was decorated with banners including a giant Indian Shamiana, this in combination with the clubs highly theatrical disco light rig and huge sound system set the stage for a great vibe in a club. Free Ice lollies and orange wedges were handed out on the dance floor to the crowd when the party reached its peak.
There was also a Chill Out Room which was primarily hosted in the clubs basement but also happened in the 'Gold' room periodically. Run by resident DJ Cosmic Jason and featured monthly guest DJ's and also live musical performances from local and imported talent.
The party originally started as a Tuesday night weekly and later moved to a Monthly Wednesday slot.Guests included Dubtribe, Jonah Sharp, Harvey, Mixmaster Morris, Onionz and more.
Come-Unity would see 1000 plus dancers on a mid week night, packed till the last record ended at 4.00AM cheering for 'One More!" Something that will be locked in the memory of all who passed through its doors. The vibe was something very special and was a product of everybody coming together and letting go! Plus some seriously good House Music. Keep the Vibe Alive!