Against Irelands Animal Abuse

This page is for a group of like minded animal lovers. It will be used to advertise lost/found animals and also to discuss, share advice, tips and fun days on between members. All members are anti abuse - but it is not merely doom and gloom - we also will have an organised dog club within this group - with monthly walks.

Please treat each other with respect. That means interpreting what the person writes with the best intentions and responding in kind. NO personal attacks, insults (implied or direct), or other snarkiness in this group. Please remember that we are all people here and anyone who breaks these rules will be asked to leave the group.
Also please try not to continually repost items that have been put on page already by members as repeat posts are deleted and may cause offence to the poster.If an admin asks you to keep all comments/pictures under one particular thread topic - PLEASE do so.

We do not accept new members unless recommended by current members so if you want to join, please ask them to vouch for you or we cannot accept.