Yes Cowdenbeath.....LET US RISE!!

Well having had time to digest the massive disappointment of the referendum result its now time to set out our ongoing aims for this group.
Firstly this is just a beginning of a continued process of pushing forward with what were the initial aims the page was set up to achieve promote and continue to push forward with the ultimate aim towards an independent Scotland!!!!
Since the result was announced the amazing energy that was created in the build up to the vote has in no way abated and cannot and wiil not be allowed to do so!!!
Ourselves along with the multitude of other groups throughout the country will continue to use these forums to promote and share the many ideas that will shape our future as we move forward.
Please remain involved in anyway possible. We have been told that "the result is in.we accept it and move on"
Aye right!!!! Only when we have achieved what we ultimately set out to achieve...a Scotland free from the shackles of Westminster where social justice and equality are our priority and not being governed by a shower of lying rogues will our aims have been achieved.
We are going nowhere!!!!