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Rescue never stops, regardless of the date and our awesome team rallied fast to bring "Jingle" under our wing this Christmas Eve. We cannot stress enough that a dog is not a gift, it's a life! Poor little Jingle was an intended Christmas present who was rejected. The difference between a stuffed animal dog and a real dog is that this little boy's heart would be broken, had he known that they did not want him. 365 days a year our amazing team wants them all and jumps fast with every call to try to make sure that they can get under our wing, or at least somewhere else that is diligent and responsible. We are delighted to have this 2.4lbs of wiggles and kisses. He is already safe and happy in a loving foster home where Tori and Hannah will be sure that Santa knows he is there, and have toys ready for him for tomorrow. We know that Santa will bring him a family! We are looking for a home that works from home or is willing to agree to a dog walker coming in periodically through the day as this little gaffer is only about 6 wks old, and is though is quite small, appears to be a Jack Russell. Training will be a mandatory, as will cookies and TLC. Please email info@thedogrescuersinc.ca if interested. Applications will not be accepted until December 27th.