Mish Blackburn-Rovers Micho
Hello dear fans !!!
I back to the report about us dear team we need to make changes
we need new center back and left right wingers
and some strikers like klinic we need to bring him back to us team
he leave the goals is gone we need target man on the middle and bring him wingers
we need to play more about pressure tactic not like kean make ...
kean i have question to you boy ?
what the players practice about long balls ?
why the players not bring short pass and make space to make offense and bring empty space to attack the opponents ?
why you kean not bring us team glory why you make us disappointing why ???
we need new boss i thing i am the man for this next season players : Robinson (Ben Amos)
left back Center Back Right Back
Clyne N Scot Dunn Arik Jordan Kjetil Lundhaug Right med Center med Offensive med Left med
Petrovic Nzonzi Rochina Pedersen Right winger Center striker Left Winger
David goodwille Nicola Klinic new player We need to play more Aggression tactic and bring good boss who can bring us team back on the track and i hope if i calle by the owners no doubt i will come to be next boss but if i will choose my assistant and my staff
i promised i bring all me heart to bring us team back
thanks fans