Exeter City Supporters Club

> This is the Facebook Page for Exeter City FC Supporters Club.
> http://www.exetercitysupportersclub.com/

> We are the oldest established Supporters Group at the Football Club and will exist whatever ownership model the club may adopt.

> Exeter City Football Club was the very first overseas team to play the Brazilian national team in 1914 and this year, therefore, sees the Centenary of that event.

> Exeter City FC currently exists in League Two of the English Football League pyramid and we welcome fans, supporters and interested people in the UK and across the world to join our Facebook page.

> We would like to think that, if you are not already a member of the Supporters Club, you may consider joining us and becoming a supporters club member (PM me for details and an application form) If not, you are still very welcome to stay and look around or join in!

> All are welcome on this page, whatever their point of view. However, can contributors please remember that, whilst debate is welcome if people disagree, let's debate responsibly with no personal comments or attacks on people, whether they be members of the page or not.