Grenada Guns and Ammo Trader/Seller

This is a group for Gun lovers and enthusiasts to Buy, Sell, or Trade their guns and ammunition.. accessories and attachments as well. It is advised that when dealing with private owners of guns that trades and sells are made in an open public place. Sellers should be willing to have their guns serial numbers ran through their local Police Department at the request of the buyer/trader... also when trading or selling guns and ammunition bills of sale should be written out from the buyer with serial number of the gun in the written bill of sale and notarized in front of a notary public in order to establish complete ownership of the gun that has been traded or purchased. This group will not be held responsible for the sale or trade of guns and ammunition made to persons under the age of 21 or to persons that are not legal United States Citizens. Sellers/Buyers/Traders assume full responsibility for their own posts and any transactions they take part in. Only rule I have for this group is not to bash on the posts of others.... IF YOU CAN FIND IT CHEAPER OR IN BETTER CONDITION SOMEWHERE ELSE THEN "GO GET IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!"