All About Pets Wokingham And Surrounding Areas

A group to advertise all sorts of pets and pet accessories in the Wokingham and surrounding areas. No free pets if you do not want any money for your animal then please state to the buyer this once a sale is agreed. No dogs to be sold under £100. No first to comment gets the animal it should be the best home that comes first. Please home check if needed for dogs and cats. Please beware there are baiters out there searching for free and cheap animals so please try and find the right home for your pet . No cyber bullying . If you do not want the animal do not comment and do not criticise why the animal is being rehomed - you do not know people's circumstances and if we see cyber bulling and constant criticism you will be removed. No trolling, no selling not animal related items if this happens you will be removed. All posts will be approved prior to posting so please bear with us . No swearing if any kind or rude and personal language in any posts or towards other members. If this happens you will be banned. Please state price, location, item you are selling and a picture. No bumping less than 24 hours. No limit on posts a day until site is up and running. Once you no longer need your post please delete or leave a message so admin can delete, until the site is up and running posts will stay on the page. Please enjoy this group and we aim to make a safe and happy selling site for all and we aim to find the best and safest home for your pet. Thank you