Gibraltar Digital Photography Club


We are a Group of like minded individuals who share a love of photography. We welcome photographers of all skill levels from beginner to professional, as well as interests from landscape to sports photography. It is our goal to promote and encourage individuals of all ages and skills to enjoy this exciting and rewarding art.

The aim of the Group is to provides members with a wide variety of activities and outings throughout the year. We aim to meet on an outing once a month. We aim to also have Members take the initiative to plan for group outings.

Our aim is for the Group to further the art known as photography in all it’s available mediums. To that end it is to provide those interested in the art of photography a place where one can learn and share photographic skill and knowledge, as well as come to better appreciate the art of photography. It is also the purpose to provide an opportunity for fellow photographers to meet and fellowship face to face, and to be able to share his or her work and have it respectfully critiqued by others.

Benefits of belonging to this Group is.

-- Access to advice from photographers.
-- Access to Group outings.
-- Opportunity to have your photos displayed.
-- Participation in Group contests.
-- Display information of any event of photography interest in Gibraltar.


Rules to abide by if you participate in the group:

1. We will not accept entry into the group off any fake Facebook profiles, as everyone participating in the group need to be fully known to everyone else in the group.

1.1 Promotion of commercial products or activities is not allowed without prior consent of the group admins.

2. Everyone expressing their view in this group will do so using the upmost respect for the others in the group and will at no time make any personal, derogatory or racist comments towards others in the group. Any such comments will be deleted without any explanation. If an individual continues to express personal comments (attacking) others in the group we will have no alternative but to delete them from the group.

3. You are allowed to add all your FB friends to the group, no matter what nationality, so long as they are photographers. Remember the bigger the group, the better, so we can share opinions.

Happy photographing ... :- ))

Disclaimer: Please note that the material and opinions expressed in the GIBRALTAR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB group do not necessarily reflect the views of the Group creator/moderator. No responsibility whatsoever is assumed by the group creator/moderator of the contents and/or opinions in the group.