Nissan Patrol Club of Sri Lanka

We are a group of four wheel drive enthusiasts from other clubs, interested in pursuing common interests and activities, Our aim is to give the Nissan Patrol its own standing.

Here are some objectives of our Club,

•To educate and improve off road driving skills of Nissan Patrol owners by conducting driver trainings, to discover new destinations. Become responsible 4x4 drivers and to provide opportunity to swap ideas and information on anything to do with adventure Driving.

•To organize and promote off road driving, adventure tourings trips, either on its own or in collaboration with other motor sports clubs. To offers an opportunity for people with 4WD vehicles and interests in the outdoors to share their experiences and participate in recreational activities as a group.

•To pool and share technical knowledge and expertise to assist members in maintaining their vehicles.

•To compile a directory of Nissan 4x4 Vehicles in Sri Lanka.

•To affiliate with 4x4 Clubs of other countries and To invite members from similer clubs and orginazations of other countries to join and participate in events conduct locally by Nissan Patrol Club

•To introduse and sell off road products from other countries and to operate and maintain a Mobile Shop Selling High quality recovery gear and other merchandise. Also to assist members in obtaining Nissan 4x4 spares and services locally or from abroad at a discount rate.

•To assist in all times of natural disasters in Sri Lanka trough government and non govenmental organizations.

So, If you happen to be a owner of a Nissan patrol or if you are intersted in any of our club objectives or activities. Please join us..
We need all of your help in achieving these goals