Ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum.

"We are the torchbearers for the ummah, guided by Qur'an and Sunnah!" :)

This group is open to all archi students for intake 2013/2014! Lets share your story,experience,announcement and etc.



1. NOT to post anything especially personal matters that is more suitable to be posted at our wall/timeline. Other members may feel uncomfortable because of it. Hence, admins have right to remove this kind of post.

2. AVOID discussing or chatting non-benefit or ridiculous matters. Our prophet(P.B.U.H) said:
"Those who are in belief in Allah and the day of Resurrection, they should say good things(that give benefit) or just keep quiet" (Narrated by al-Bukhari no. 6475 & Muslim no. 48)

3. Any posts regarding ACADEMIC, EVENTS, CURRENT ISSUES/KNOWLEDGE are allowed to be posted as long as not going abroad from the limit and principle of Islam. This group is aiming at enrich our reward(pahala), not our sins(dosa).

4. All members should respect each other and not easily speak harsh word that may hurt others.

5. NOT to add those who are not IIUM students since this is IIUM students community group.

6. Those who are unable to follow the ethics(no matter whether he/she is the one who post or just comment) will be warned twice at most, and then being banned permanently if they repeat the same mistake.

7. Those who feel 'annoyed' with any posts/comments may report to the leaders, if they 'overlook' the post/comment.

8. A person may post anything on politics at most twice a week provided that:
8.1 It is related to public interest.
8.2 It does not involve disclosure of personnal matter.
8.3 Any disclosure must be based on hard evidence and not simply guest and conjecture.

Hopefully, all of you may obey these policies and Allah 'Azza Wa Jalla keep blessing us :)

Semoga group ini memberi manfaat kepada semua dalam pentarbiyyahan.