Auckland University Tramping Club (AUTC)

For all past, current and future members of AUTC - the Auckland University Tramping Club!

NOTE: To *officially* join the legendary Tramping Club, and to gain access to club events and trips, please visit our website: and signup!

The club also runs social events, such as Orientation weekend, the famous May camp, Progressive dinner, Posh dins and the Ball. We also run other parties, movie nights, camping trips and cooking competitions! We have a regular hot pools trip, where we drive around visiting many of the natural hot pools of the central north Island, and an Island camping trip in summer.

We run instructional courses, such as bush school, and alpine courses such as beginners snow school and advanced snow school. These are extremely cheap compared to other courses, because all our instructors are volunteers.

We own an iconic club hut, that has been visited by various dignitaries such as prime ministers, mountaineering legends (Sir Edmund Hillary) and has been the location of a low budget horror film called 'Five'. It is also the oldest hut in the Waitakeres. Along with its historical significance, it is the location for numerous tramping club shin digs, unencumbered by noise restrictions. It is also on the edge of the Ark in the Park bird sanctuary so there are lots of rare birds around.

Please keep posts on this page limited to discussions and idea-spinning, as opposed to using it to advertise trips and sign up members. AUTC uses the mailing list to do this, which ensures contact and route information is known, and opens up the trip to all members of AUTC. Asking people to sign up by private message or by joining an event is not acceptable on the AUTC page, and if we see these messages we will delete them.

The 2014 AUTC Committee:
Helen Liley - Club Captain
Andrew Luey - Treasurer
Sarah Daniell - Secretary
Matthew Battley - Safety
Sylvie Admore - Trips
Richard Hosking - Website
Anna Bergin - Gear
Anna Luo - Publications
Hannah Brightley - Memberships
Dylan Steeples - Environmental
Tom Miller - Hut
Laura Goudie + Joseph Griffiths - Socials
Roman Amman - Alpine
Brian Davis - Archives
John Cater - President
Thomas Goodman, Anton Gulley, Katie Herbert, Harriet Peel, Kat Collier, Carl Barnhill - Vice Presidents