I created this group for the selling and swapping of horses and all horse related items. Please feel free to post or request anything horse related. : ) Keep in mind that it helps to always post PRICE (or what you would like to swap for) & LOCATION along with GOOD CLEAR PICTURES if possible. If you have more than one picture of an item or horse for sale. Please try to "create an album" rather than posting individually. That way people can go to the PHOTOS section and shop by album. It gets hard to scroll through a lot of posts. Please DELETE your posts once an item sells so we can keep the board uncluttered. Even if you don't live in NW Indiana but you are close, please join, post and invite friends.

Please post only horses and horse related items. IF it is of the equine nature, such as horses, mini horses, donkeys and mules...you may post it here. IF you can purchase it in a tack shop, saddle shop, feed store and it is horse related, such as saddles, tack, brushes, feed, clothing that is horse related...you may post it here. Here is where if may become vague...Please try to post things that won't take more than a few hours to drive to from the NW Indiana area. Thank you everyone! : ) Enjoy the board!