Zimbabwe Young Farmers and Miners

Greetings fellow youth,

It is now time for us to be vibrant as youth, I know many have been sucked in a political shroud and many words of blame have been cast but thats just talk. I personally refuse to be a part of the blame game and take up my own position as a Zimbabwean child who has been given a canvas to model a masterpiece. I believe we can take advantange of this moment that we have been granted by our fathers to show them that we are also responsible for our socioeconomic success. it is not the time to be pitiful in a corner blaming everyone for your own failure when we have people out there giving great testimonials of how God has used them to impact our economy and making profit for themselves. I refuse to be a failure, I refuse to be a regular joe, I refuse to blame someone else for my own failure to see great opportunities that lie before me...

To be honest we do not need every Zimbabwean youth on this group, we need simbi dze basa chete!!!

We are going to work hard on these primary industries till we get it right.