Erasmus in Lithuania (ESN Official)

This group is created for past/current/future Erasmus and other exchange students in Lithuania.

PURPOSE of the group:

Freely share the information you care about, help each other, make friends and together create the best Erasmus experience!


While participating in international European higher education area, our organisation seeks to create opportunities for intercultural exchange and personal improvement based on the principle "students help students".

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation connecting more than 13.500 members from 37 countries. Lithuania is one of them.

Get to know ESN Lithuania:

We are present in 14 higher Education Institutions in 4 cities.

Find YOUR ESN in LT!

ESN Lithuania sections:

• ESN Vilnius University (Vilnius)-

• ESN ŠU (Šiauliai)-ŠU/490155704345814?fref=ts

• ESN KTU (Kaunas)-

• ESN VMU (Kaunas)-

• ESN VGTU (Vilnius)-

• ESN MRU Vilnius (Vilnius)-

• ESN KK (Kaunas)-

• ESN ISLB (Vilnius)-;

• ESN KuK (Klaipėda)-

• ESN ISM (Vilnius)-

• ESN SMK (Vilnius/Klaipėda)-

• ESN LEU (Vilnius)-

• ESN VDA (Vilnius)-

+ candidate section ESN VDK (Vilnius)

Let your exchange be unforgettable!

On behalf of all ESN family in Lithuania,
- National Board of ESN LT

*Any aggressive spam'ers, advertising their profitable or even illegal business in our group will be BANNED without any warning.