Boston United for Students Coalition

Boston United for Students is a broad-based coalition committed to improving the quality of the educational experience for all Boston students and teachers. We believe that there is an urgency to significantly improve student achievement so that Boston public school students graduate college ready and career prepared. We know that achieving these goals will require a fundamental change in the next Boston teachers' contract to create new working relationships and operational flexibility that will enable students and teachers to meet the challenges of public education in the 21st Century. Our drive for student success is not limited to changes in the teachers' contract. It also includes advocacy for improved administrative practices and earnest implementation of current and new contract reform measures.

Building A Movement to Demand Better Schools. To date, close to 50 organizations and community leaders from across the city have joined this growing movement for fundamental school reform. Check out our website: If you have further questions or comments please contact us at

Our demands for school reform The BPS and the BTU need to address four key priorities:

* Timely and effective teacher evaluations
* Flexibility in teacher hiring and reassignment
* A stronger voice for parents and students in school decision making
* Longer day to engage students and increase teacher planning and professional development