Audrey Hepburn Awards and Recognitions

Audrey Hepburn Awards and Recognitions
Objective of this groupe!

"Show respect and render honour to a great Lady who had her heart in the right place"
By Collecting;

-All Awards and Gratitudes that Audrey Hepburn has received during her life, but also today , 20 and more years after her death.
By summarising; - Presentations held by Audrey Hepburn on ceremonies ( a kind of tribute to Audrey).
- Numerous publications in magazines, books and other presses.
- By collecting, al documentaries and interviews wich were published on "You tube" or other websites as far as possible.
- By sharing ; Up to day news, for example, about exhibitions or articles and photo's about actions for the benefibit of Unicef. In any language, Audrey was a World Icon!
- Timeline of Audrey: daily information
- And finally by making f.e. collages about her campaigns for Unicef.

I depend on the numerous fans to restore this information as correct as possible. I received information with many mistakes through the internet. There mistakes wil be corrected as soon as possible ; Fans who notice mistakes in data or other information are invited to send them to me , preferably with reference.

Thanks to all who want to contribute to this objective.
Please be advised that photos which do not relate to the objective shall be shared in my page "Audrey Hepburn, My Icon"

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