Camp Lejeune Ladies Meet ups

I've noticed that a lot of military wives around here are having trouble finding friends, so I thought we could get together a group and start working on getting meet ups together so we can start meeting new people, and heck, just getting out of the house and doing something! Husbands and children are always welcome to the get togethers - hey, they need friends, too! If you have any suggestions of meet ups or want to help coordinate in any way, send me a message on here! Also, feel free to add other military wives - the more the merrier! Again, hopefully we can make this a great way to meet new people and have some fun around here!
As we are getting much bigger in size, I do have to throw out some information for this group:
- Please remember OPSEC at ALL times! I will have to delete any posts that contain any violations of this. I cannot stress the importance of this!
- Please refrain from posting ANY advertisement of any kind on this page. Any posts which resemble advertising of any kind will be deleted from the page. Also, we will not promote any meet up in which the host will gain any type of monetary profit from. This group is ran by admins who volunteer their time and it is not fair to them for others to make money off of their time.
- Admins have the right to remove any member from the page who is disruptive in any way, including but not limited to repeatedly not complying to the rules of the page.
- Please follow ALL laws in attending, hosting, or being a part of any events on the page.This includes absolutely NO underage drinking, drug use, or other illegal occurrences will be tolerated at any event. Any events found to have underage drinking, or any other illegal activity, will be removed immediately from the page and the host will no longer be allowed to host events through the page.
- All events are attend at your own risk - you are liable for yourself, your family, and your property. This group is simply to give out information of hang outs for wives and families so we can meet new people around the Camp Lejeune area. In attending any event which is posted on this page, it will be assumed that you have read these rules, understand them in full, and agree to comply with all.
- Admins are not responsible for any occurrence of any event held - again, it will be attend and host at your own risk.
- As we would like to keep the integrity and purpose of this page, any posts not pertaining to making friends (such as advice posts) will be deleted from the page. We do not want the post aimed to making friends to be drown out by other random posts on the page.
Please message any of the admins if you have any questions or concerns.
Last updated 1/5/15