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Hi All, I am a 17 year old nonverbal boy with autism. My parents are helping me with my facebook.
I am new to this group and I joined because I would like to share my story. My parents started homeschooling me when I was 10 because I was going nowhere. Over the years they have documented my progress and they have created a video of hope and inspiration that they want to share with all parents of kids with autism. Many parents of children with autism have been told by the experts that the best outcome they can hope for is an adult group home for their child. Ethan was one of these children, told by the “experts” after conventional methods did not seem to be working, that Ethan would never read, write, or do ordinary academics. Ethan has proved them wrong! Through hard work, patience, and an alternative teaching strategy that begins with believing the child can learn and thinking outside the “conventional” box, Ethan has learned what was deemed impossible. Here is my story titled Ethan’s Story, Enjoy! Click here to watch Please help share Ethan’s story to inspire and uplift other parents to never lose hope. Thank you in advance for your support Dalia Shkedy – Ethan’s Mom
About Ethans story
Ethan is a 17 year old nonverbal boy with autism and verbal apraxia. At the age of 10, the experts said he would never read, write, or do math.
Here at the Alternative Teaching Strategy Center, we firmly believe that these children do have the mental capability to learn, and by teaching these kids as if they can learn and are smart, they will learn.
Today, Ethan is doing advanced math including algebra. His reading comprehension is amazing, his handwriting is legible and improving daily, and he types 65 words a minute independently.
Thank you in advance for your time and support and please forward our message of hope!