Times of Oman Readers' Club

Times of Oman Readers FB Group – Discussion forum.
This group intends to encourage learning and education through scholarship offers, In short, it is FB group with a strong social commitment of the readers, by the readers and for the readers of Times of Oman.

1. The Admin of this group do not have complete control on the posts and comments made by members.
2. The posts/comments made by the members are not the opinion of the Admin nor do the Admins endorse the opinion of the members.
3. Facing any legal or criminal actions that may arise based on any particular post/comment will be the sole responsibility of the particular person who made that post/comment.

Reminder :

We hereby announce that Admins will not take any responsibility for any financial, physical or mental exploitation done by any active or passive members of the group. If there is any complaints against any member of the group, please message it to any of the admins with solid proofs. Then we will remove him/her from the group. Be careful with online relationships.

We are here to unwind and relax from the stressful daily routines. Please co-operate and have a great time.

The reason Times of Oman Reader's Group decided to operate mainly through the Facebook page is because we understood that to connect and excite this generation of news consumers, who are our readers, we had go online. Besides, newspapers can no longer just present news, they also need to create community. Through the Times of Oman Reader's Group we also hope to take our relationship with our readers to the next level.

We encourage the reader to play the role of citizen journalists or they could be the ones who alert us about what is happening in their neighborhood.