Samuel Kwok Martial Art Association- Ip Man Wing Chun Bosnia & Herzegovina

Grand Master Samuel Kwok has featured In the Turkish Allsport Magazine. I have translated the text to the best of my ability.
Wing Chun Yip Man lineage most authoritative western representative and martial arts 'Living Legend' Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, has made a visit accompanied by student and representative of the same lineage Turkey's chief instructor Sifu Murat Kaplan .
The purpose of the visit 'to introduce the art of Wing Chun in Azerbaijan. Sifu's invitation came from Antalya Yip Man Wing Chun student Sifu Asif Sayadov .
The first two days of the visit consisted of appearances on local television channels and interviews to journalists from newspapers of Azerbaijan. In addition a Wing Chun training seminar which was broadcast live on various TV channels. Followed by meetings with the authorities to discuss, demonstrate and promote Wing Chun. .
Living Legend GrandMaster Samuel Kwok met with Deputy Sports Minister İsmayil İsmayilov during his visit to Azerbaijan. Futher meetings with State Sports Academy Rector Tree Abiyev, Boxing Federation Executive Board of Azerbaijan Yusif Babanl and National Hero Ibad Hüseyinli. All these meetings led to the sponsoring and support to promote Wing Chun in Azerbaijan.Other meetings included the president of the country's leading company Kamil Guliyev and more distinguished top level figures.
During his visit, Professor Abiyev showed great interest in the art of Wing Chun. Professor Abiyev has invited GM Samuel Kwok back to Azerbaijan to present an honorary doctorate and GM. Kwok has accepted the invitation. The second visit will take place next February. Wing Chun will reap the benefits after what has been achieved following GM Kwoks visit to promote Wing Chun in Azerbaijan.