Niue Arts & Cultural Festival

The Niue Arts & Cultural Festival aims to provide a forum for people of Niuean descent residing on Niue and abroad to showcase the uniqueness of Niuean culture, language and heritage and to protect its fragility.
The festival was initiated in April 2009 and is now held on a biannual basis targeting Niuean’s overseas in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Australia and further abroad. The Niue Arts & Cultural Festival has been proud to have worked with artists such as: Che Fu, Tigilau Ness, Tyree, John Pule, Jack Taihia, Maka Makatoa, Mark Cross, Alexa Shaw, Dianna Fuemana, Craig Fasi, Maree Webster, Pauly Fuemana family and many other inspiring artists who are doing their bit to promote Niuean art and culture in their respective fields.