Funk Squad is a Mumbai based dance music Duo consisting of & Dj NDM who perform live for their audience.They are one of the top most Djs and Music Producers in India. Amit Das:Music producer/Dj,singer, composer, pioneer of Das mix the undisputed king of bollywood remixes, over 400 songs produced for various artists including India’s top most record labels such as T’series, Sony Music, Universal Records, Tips Music, HMV, Times Music, Zee records, YashRaj Music etc. Dj NDM:Music composer,Dj, Master in producing EDM originals/remixes, Digital sound engineer. They don’t just play music, they create it. This collaboration is a lethal combination of skill, style, originality & expertise promising to deliver an extensive selection of dance music aimed to make the crowd indulge in a musical fantasy.Having been influenced by a plethora of music genres, Funk Squad has a distinctive knack of writing and producing music that is in sync with the choice of the masses. Bollywood, EDM, Global dance charts blending it all together is what they do best.Have Given Mind blowing Performances in Various Clubs,Corporate Events,Weddings & more.With an experience of more than a decade funksquad aims to enhance the quality of every single event they are involved in. Passion for music, an attitude of professionalism & crowd friendly persona Funksquad does it all...effortlessly.
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