ACAD ( Association of Cameroonians in Denmark)

According to the Preamble of ACAD Constitution:
"We people originating from the Republic of Cameroon Residing in the Kingdom of Denmark;
- Committed to promoting cordial co-existence among ourselves,
- Proud to promote our culture and the image of our country of origin,
- Conscious of the need to contribute to the development and well being of the people of our country of origin ,
- Determined to promote Cameroonian unity in cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity
- Willing to socialise and have a harmonious and unbiased relationship with people living in Denmark, irrespective of their country of origin, race, sex, political orientation, ideology or religion,
- Mindful for the need for a smooth collaboration with the Cameroonian Diplomatic Services for Denmark,
- Intending to facilitate our integration in the Danish Society,
- Willing to harmonise social and cultural relationships between all people of Cameroonian descent residing and or working in any of the Regions of Denmark,
- Aware of the necessity to cooperate with all Danish Authorities and to have respect and compliance to the Danish Laws in force,
Have decided to create an apolitical and non-profit making association called: Association of Cameroonians in Denmark..."

. ACDAD was created on March 20 2010 . In four years of existence it has been at the forefront to support fellow Cameroonians in times of sorrow, ACAD has organised numerous socio- cultural and sports events (A Debate, Football Cup, Cultural Festivals, Cameroon National Day parties, educational seminars and for the last two xmas periods , father christmas events for our kids) etc....