Future of The Gambia (FoTG)

This group was created to provide Gambians and friends of Gambia a platform to engage in dialogue and promote intellectual interchange necessary to advance the well-being of Gambians and to bring about meaningful changes in The Gambia. It's an open group and all topics are welcomed ranging from science to superstition, religion to politics, sports to social issues, and so on. But we can't negate the fact that, in the midst of a heated debate, tempers are likely to flare; however, we encourage every member to exercise patience, tolerance, and understanding.

Anyhow, we must strive towards objectivity and open-mindedness at all times. And, we must reckon with the fact that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. You're welcomed to defend your stance with facts or individual opinions, but we should refrain from mere speculations, slander, or libel. Also, we urge every menber to cite their sources when borrowing intellectual property. We must refrain from outrageous remarks or allegations that lack credibility and leans more towards absurdity.

Furthermore, it's our hope that even though we might have been out of the Gambia for years, we should never forgo our fundamental beliefs and values; therefore, treating everyone with dignity and respect is paramount. Any post that violates these basic principles or tends to be condescending or supercilious will be deleted.

Finally, let's have fun!

"To The Gambia Ever True!